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The circular economy as a driving force for transition at Heart of Hainaut (Wallonia)

The regional project ‘Cœur du Hainaut’ places the circular economy at the centre of its socio-economic development programme.

The limits of the linear economic model are well known: the ‘Heart of Hainaut’ area aims to be a place of experimentation in order to spark the transition.

It has the tools that are adapted to the local context and to the sectors that have been identified as promising: sustainable construction, green chemistry, agri-food, etc.

As a privileged partner of companies, IDEA, the economic development agency of the ‘Heart of Hainaut’ area, creates awareness among businesses regarding the principles of the circular economy and the opportunities that it has to offer. In addition, IDEA supports companies in their efforts. The objective? Increase their economic competitiveness and reduce their environmental impact.

As a territorial facilitator and economic development operator, IDEA plays a key role in searching for partnerships and building networks in which the various players can meet each other.

Thanks to the strong ties between its driving forces (research centres, universities, institutions, associations, municipalities), innovative projects linked to the various principles of the circular economy are emerging throughout the ‘Cœur du Hainaut’ region.

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