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Registration fee

Due to the many questions we received,  it was decided to make participation in CE Hotpot Belgium free. Registration fees no longer have to be paid.

Given the international character of the Circular Economy Hotspot, the organizers reserve the right to give priority to international participants in the event that the maximum number of participants is exceeded.

Anyone who wants to enjoy  the bonus, free access to the G-STIC event, will also have to participate to the full program of the CE Hotspot Belgium.

The free registration includes: the activity programs on Monday 18th November 2019 (afternoon), Tuesday 19th November 2019 and Wednesday 20th November 2019 (lunch included), and the full programme of the G-STIC event

The thematic tours Brussels and Ghent are fully booked – please choose another city

Media Registration

Journalists can register for the event via email hotspotspress2019@health.fgov.be.

It is also via this email address that journalists can send their questions regarding the details of the program, interview opportunities or any practical information that directly concerns them.  

Journalists who want to participate in only one day of the Hotspot or follow company visits to a particular city are strongly advised to register via the button below: