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Practical information

Transport by bus is provided by our organization throughout the event (hotel, )
Only the transport to our inaugural reception on 18 November and after the reception on 20 November are covered by the participants.

Monday afternoon 18 November 2019

17h00 – 17h30
At city Hall of Brussels
17h30 – 18h30
Federal minister of the environment or of the economy
Mayor Of Brussels
18h00 – 18h30

Toon Wassenberg

Toon Wassenberg describes himself as a « change maker”.
His organization “Futurehead” helps companies and organisations to
develop their sustainable and circular projects.
18h30 – 20u00
Transport of the participants to the different cities

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Thematic tours around circular economy

Transport is provided by our organization throughout the day. Participants will be transported from their hotel to the thematic tour and reception and finally back to their hotel.

Reception in each city

Wednesday 20 November : In Heysel

08h00 – 09h00
Transport of the participants from their hotel to Brussels Expo
09h00 – 10h00
10h00 – 10H20

Marie Christine Marghem
High level political speech

by Marie Christine Marghem, Federal minister of the environment.
10h20 – 10h35

Hans Buyninckx
Introduction by Hans Bruyninckx – EEA

Hans Bruyninckx is the Executive Director of the European
Environment Agency. He will present the new report of his agency
“Paving the way for a circular economy” and highlight the barriers and
the challenges we face in building a more circular economy.
10h35 – 11h50
Our speakers will present their vision of the circular economy and how their sector and organization tackle those challenges. This panel will
also aim to bring solution to those barriers.

Tom Duhoux
Tom Duhoux is the founder of HNST JEANS, a SME that use 50% of
recycled denim in their clothes in order to reduce the pollution of the
fashion industry. Their aim is to become the world’s most sustainable
Piotr Barczak
Piotr Barczak is a senior policy officer within the European
Environmental bureau. The EEB is a bureau that represent the
European citizen and stand for environmental justice, sustainable
development and participatory democracy.
Cristl Joris
Crist’l Joris is the president and CEO of ETAP Lighting, a European
company created in 1949 in Antwerp. Their product are
energy-efficient and constantly decrease the use of electricity, water
and gas.
Frederic Chome
Frederic Chomé is a multi-entrepreneur as CEO of Factor-X, Cofounder of Usitoo and of the KAYA coalition.

FACTOR-X is an independent company providing innovative sustainability consultancy services to both private and public sectors since 2007.

USITOO onverts in use endless categories of unused objects that sleep in our cabinets and has established an innovative rental business model with an online catalogue objects to be booked and delivered nearby the user place, based on a Zero Waste approach.

The KAYA coalition was created in May 2019 with the willingness to regroup all companies eager to move fast-forward towards ambitious climate goals and regulation. It regroups more than 170 companies mostly active in French speaking Belgium.
Wim Careel
Wim Careel, advisor ABVV Metaal
After Panel
Paola Migliorini, European Commission, Head of Unit B1 sustainable Production, Products and consumption.

Resource Efficiency European Strategy
11h40 – 11h50

Marta Subira i Roca
Presentation of the program of the next Hotspot organizer: Catalonia

Secretary General for the Environment and Sustainability of the
Catalan Government, Ms Marta Subirà i Roca
11h45 – 12h00
12h00 – 14h00