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Become the host of the Circular Economy Hotspot 2021

The Circular Economy Hotspot community launches an open call to find a host for the Circular Economy Hotspot 2021.

The Circular Economy Hotspot offers governments the ideal opportunity to highlight local CE practices, from CE business models and innovative industrial solutions to progressive regional and national policy.

What’s in a concept?

This globetrotting event aims to highlight innovative CE practices. The international and diverse outlook of the event promotes an exchange of ideas and experiences between policymakers, entrepreneurs, researchers and captains of industry from the host country and beyond.

The Circular Economy Hotspot was first organized in the Netherlands. After 2016, the concept travelled to Scotland, Luxembourg, and this year’s host, Belgium. In 2020, the region of Catalonia will be hosting the event.

Each host puts together a program that accentuates how their country or region is contributing to the transition towards a circular economy.  The Belgian program, for example, offers a unique insight into the Belgian circular economy through city tours in 4 important industrial and urban economic hubs.

How can your government apply?  

National and regional governments from all over the world can send in their application.

The candidates will be invited to present their case on Monday 18th of November to the former, current and next CE hotspot organisers. Each candidate will have 10 minutes to  promote this candidature. On Wednesday the 20th of November the Secretary General for the Environment and Sustainability of the Catalan Government, Ms Marta Subirà i Roca, will announce the jury’s decision during the plenary conclusion of the CE hotspot Belgium 2019.

Is your country or region a frontrunner when it comes to Circular Economy? Then apply now through our website and become part of the CE Hotspot family. The application deadline is 14 November.

Please enter your email, so we can invite you to explain your candidacy