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Circular economy is all about recapturing value

Discover various innovative approaches of circular economy in Belgium with these videos made by Vlaanderen circulair.

Why would businesses embrace circular economy?

The circular economy offers an alternative to our current model of taking raw ressources, transforming them into products and disposing them. The circular economy builds on innovative concepts like zero waste, re-use, share, repair, re-think and redesign. It is focused on creating economic value and reducing environmental impact through design, highest and best use of materials, and efficient use of resources and energy.

It’s not another green fad, it’s about maximisation of ressources and value. It’s about a sustainable economic future.

These companies make it happen :

Re-design with IetStof

Re-Use with Mic Mac Miniscule

Re-Use with Rotor DC

Share/Repair with Tournevie

Product as a service with Papillon

Design for change with Facadeclick

Design for change with Bao Living

Renewable ressources with Glimps