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The whole team thanks the participants, speakers, companies and partners who have made this Circular Economy Hotspot a success.

Some of the speeches, presentations by speakers and those given during the company visits are already available on https://circulareconomyhotspotbelgium.be/. This material is published in the News section of the web site. Check it regularly for the latest presentations!

After the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Scotland, Belgium will be hosting the 2019 Hotspot. The program will offer you a unique opportunity to discover how the transition towards a circular economy is taking place in Belgium.

On Monday 18 November, the Hotspot will start at 5pm at the Brussels City Hall. High-level speakers and Toon Wassenberg, sustainability consultant and change maker will have the floor. Speeches will be followed by a walking dinner to facilitate networking.

On Tuesday 19 November, five thematic visits will be organised in four different cities. This configuration allows you to choose the theme that suits you :

BrusselsCircular cities
AntwerpSustainable Chemistry
GhentResource recovery in City & Port
MonsRecycling and Resource efficiency

After each visit, a reception will be offered by the host city.

On Wednesday 20 November, participants will have the opportunity to follow a round table discussion with high-level European and Belgian politicians. Afterwards, everyone will have free access to the G-STIC, organised by our VITO partner, from 20 to 22 November.

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